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Cae Main Orchards

Claygate Permain

1821, Surrey

A rich and aromatic flavoured eating apple that was grown in most Victorian and Edwardian country house gardens. Branch bent over showing flower and fruit-bud formation on horizontal branches


Cae Main Orchards

Ashmead's Kernel

c1731, Gloucestershire

Eating apple with a strong, sweet-sharp intense flavour. Fruit has a slight russet appearance and should store well.


Cae Main Orchards

Duke of Devonshire

1835, Cumbria



Popular Edwardian apple with an intense sweet-sharp flavour.

Cae Main Orchards

Cox Cymraeg


Unlike Cox's Orange Pippin, this variety is easy to grow and is disease resistant. It produces a medium fruit with excellent balance of sweetness and acidity.

Cae Main Orchards

Bardsey Island

North Wales

A rare and unique variety from Bardsey Island. Medium eating apple with lemon aromas. The sweet fruit will keep till November

Cae Main Orchards

Anglesey Pig Snout

Welsh cooking apple

Cae Main Orchards

Nottingham Pippin

1815, Nottinghamshire

Strongly flavoured almost russet like fruit. A good tree for training as an espalier or fan-shaped tree as the apples are fairly flat with a long stalk. This helps them  to hang clear of the branch.

Cae Main Orchards

Lane's Prince Albert

c1841, Hertfordshire


Late cooking apple which can also be used to make juice or artisan cider. Lovely blossom in mid-may.


Cae Main Orchards


1872 France

An old French cider variety with deep pink blossom. Very upright tree for a small garden.

Apples stay on tree until December. 

Cae Main Orchards

Warner's King

late 1700s, Kent


One of the most popular cooking apples in Victorian times. Similar flavour to Bramley, but a less vigorous tree makes it a better choice for a garden


Cae Main Orchards

Scotch Bridget

c1851, Scotland


Cooking and cider apple. A hardy tree that grows well in poorer soils or in exposed places


Lovely white blossom in early May

Cae Main Orchards

Tom Putt

late 1700s, Dorset


Cooking and cider apple. Tree grows well in poor soils and will produce a traditional ‘goblet shape’ if pruned carefully.


Cae Main Orchards


1920, Berkshire


Derived from a Cox’s cross to give a sharper and richer apple flavour. Apples will store until the New Year to give a mellower flavour

Cae Main Orchards

Newton Wonder

c1870, Derbyshire



Dual purpose cooking and eating apple if left on tree to ripen. The large fruits are good in savoury salads. 

Cae Main Orchards

Pitmaston Pineapple

1785, Hereford



Very small eating apple with an intense sweet-sharp, nutty and almost pineapple flavour. A small tree that would  make a lovely ornamental feature in a garden

Cae Main Orchards

Nant Gwythern

North Wales

Cae Main Orchards

Ellison's Orange

c1904, Lincolnshire



Eating apple described as ‘at best glorious’. Lovely dainty shape makes this an ideal garden tree.

Cae Main Orchards


1809, Nottinghamshire


Well known cooking apple that produces a lovely pale cream puree. Tree growth can be very vigorous and pruning should only be done sparingly. Not suitable for small/medium gardens.

Cae Main Orchards

Bess Pool

1700s, Nottinghamshire

Named after an inn-keepers daughter who found the tree in a hedgerow. Fruit has a lovely crimson flush, and was widely used in Victorian fruit displays.


Cae Main Orchards


1947 Sweden

Cae Maen Orchards

Blenheim Orange

c1740, Oxfordshire



Cooking and eating apple, good with cheese and for making apple charlotte. Strong tree with the limbs reputedly used to make cog wheels for trains.

Cae Main Orchards

Cox's Orange Pippin

1825 Buckinghamshire

Cae Main Orchards

James Grieve

1893, Edinburgh

Cae Main Orchards

Baron Ward

1850, Nottinghamshire



Small cooking apple that keeps its shape when cooked. Would make good tarte tatin.

Cae Main Orchards

Beauty of Stoke

1889, Nottinghamshire


Cooking apple with a sweet firm flesh.

Cae Main Orchards

Court Pendu Plat

1613, France



Valued for centuries as a dessert apple which will keep and mellow to an intense flavour in the New Year. A small tree makes this a good choice for borders or to grow in large pots.

Cae Main Orchards

Pig Aderyn

Welsh cooking apple with distinctive long  ‘pig’s snout’-shaped apples.


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