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Unique orchards designed and delivered to your door

I will design you a unique orchard, find the trees and then supply them directly to you. I use traditional nurseries across the UK (including my own nursery) to source rare, heritage and traditional varieties of apple trees. Just let me have some ideas and I will produce a unique design for you. Use the contact box below to send me your thoughts and ideas. 


The possibilities are endless - here are a few ideas just to get you started

Three heritage trees for a small garden

Three trees chosen for their particularly attractive blossom. For example, a three year old Ellison's Orange bush apple tree could be planted in the corner of a small garden to give instant impact. Then add a Warner's King (cooking apple) and an Ashmead's Kernel (a russet) as young trees (one year old) along the fences to train as espaliers. 

Five traditional trees to start an orchard

Trees could be chosen to reflect family names, for example: a Bess Pool, a Rosemary Russet, and a Tom Putt could be plated as half-standard trees (3 years old) to make an immediate impact at the end of a large garden. These trees will grow to about 10ft tall, and should fruit the year aflter planting.  A Winston and a Lord lambourne (as younger 1 uear old trees) could then be planted next to these to be trained as bush apple trees. 

Twelve local varieties for a community orchard

Trees could be chosen because they were first descibed in a particular region. For example, trees from Nottinghamshire could include a Nottingham Pippin, a Bess Pool and a Bramley. Most regions have local varieties, and these are often well suited to the environment and soils in a particular area.

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Use the form to tell me more about the type of trees you want in your orchard


  • regional varieties,

  • early or late flowering,

  • type of apple (green, red, russet)

  • particular family names

  • attractive blossom

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